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ABRT is excited to offer our "Showbedience" conformation program.  We believe that our training philosophy extends to all dog sports, and are excited to be a part of the forefront of conformation culture.

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There will be 2 sessions for most Fridays.
Come to one or both!
ALL skill levels and dog ages welcome!

Sessions are approximately 60 min long. There will be a 15 minute break between sessions. 

Sessions will have a 10 DOG limit to ensure every dog gets individual work. We will run two rings for several of the sessions as well so we can work in small groups.

$15/Dog per session for classes. Event pricing is variable.

To RSVP for a class session or event, fill out the RSVP Forms linked below, or email Showbedience@haveanicedog if you have any other questions.

Class Schedule

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Event Schedule

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(PLEASE NOTE: in order to reserve your spot you MUST RSVP for the class, run through, or event using the forms on this page before you pay)

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