Training Tails

Faolan: From Fighter to Lover

I had been raised around dogs, but I never owned one myself, so I was practically on unfamiliar ground. After I adopted Faolan from All Breed, they got us on the path to success with proper positive reinforcement training. Sometimes, I can’t believe that Faolan had been an aggressive and reactive dog at first. He has grown into such a well-adjusted, obedient dog and a beloved member of my household. He walks by my side on a slack leash, he's good off-leash, and he comes when he's called. He knows a myriad of fun tricks, and he's even learned German commands! He's constantly pushing me to learn as well. I am so grateful to All Breed for bringing this pup into my life!

- Brighid Ross

Kaia: From At-Risk to AKC Certified

Kaia was adopted from a local shelter in 2005. She got along with other dogs, but was very fearful of most people. Because of her age, gender, and breed, many trainers did not think that Kaia could be rehabilitated. Some trainers thought she should be euthanized, given back to the shelter, or trained with electric shock collars or choke chains. All Breed Rescue & Training believed that Kaia could be rehabilitated without harsh punishment.

Today, Kaia is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and has graduated from many advanced classes. When she graduated from Just Tricks, she performed with four other dogs, all off leash, she did beautifully behaviorally and performance-wise. She even greeted the audience after the performance.

- All Breed Training Team

Moose A. Moose: From Nervous to Service

Here’s a picture of Moose working. We discovered that the "A" in Moose A. Moose stands for Arron, referring to the big tough guy in Ghost Hunters who is really a chicken. The name describes our Moose well! If it hadn’t been for your school, he would not be our daughter's service dog now. Thanks to you guys, our daughter has a friend and a helper in him!

- All Breed Training Team

Sandy and Crystal: From Scared Girls to Strong Ladies

Sandy is the first dog that I’ve taken beyond a basic class and trained using positive reinforcement and the clicker. I found the experience very interesting and rewarding. I learned a lot about animal behavior and how to better interact with Sandy. She went from shy and fearful to a full therapy dog. We’ve continued to take classes because Sandy needs more stimulation and challenge than I can provide on my own. She loves agility and nose work, so I have weave polls in my kitchen and boxes for nose work in my living room.

Working with Sandy has taught me how to nurture Crystal. Crystal is still working on her fears—it takes her a while to decide that she likes someone. It took her almost six months before she would approach me to say hello or for me to pet her. Despite her fears though, she was a top dog in Canine Connection and I am very proud of her.

-Ruth Knox

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